CyberLink DVD Suite

CyberLink DVD Suite Centra 7.00.1028

A complete, intuitive multimedia suite


  • Highly varied selection of tools
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Handy main menu with support for favorites


  • Large size
  • You can't choose which apps to install and which not

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at CyberLink Media Suite instead.

Do you find yourself often looking for a program to burn videos, manage photos, create music compilations or print disc labels? Then look no further, because CyberLink DVD Suite Centra has all those tools, and many more.

This complete multimedia suite features all the applications you need to make the most of your multimedia library. You'll be able to burn personal music collections on CD or DVD, create backup copies of your most important files or design photo slideshows to share with family and friends, among other tasks.

All the tools included in CyberLink DVD Suite Centra are conveniently organized in a colorful main menu. All you have to do is search for the particular task you want to do ("watch a DVD movie", "back up your PC", "make an audio CD", "manage photos", etc.) and then launch the correspondent application. The main menu also includes a special Favorites section where you can add shortcuts to your most frequently used apps. This menu is nicely designed, though it may not be the fastest way to access the apps included in the suite. Maybe having regular shortcuts to apps would be easier.

What does CyberLink DVD Suite Centra include? As a starter, you'll find a powerful recording tool, Power2Go, with which you can burn data CD and DVD, burn your own music compilations, and create backup copies of important files. Another outstanding app is PowerProducer, which lets you create video discs, burn HDV/DV videos and create video and photo compilations. If you want to create a fully customized slideshow with soundtrack, transition effects and all the bells and whistles, then your best choice is MediaShow. Finally, PowerDVD Copy and PowerBackup also deserve a mention, allowing you to copy non-protected DVD movies and create security copies of your sensitive data respectively.

CyberLink DVD Suite Centra is a complete package with high-quality tools, perfect for the average user. I'm not sure about more advanced users though: I'm convinced that the more you learn about how to use computers and software, the more you tend to look for specific software solutions, and not huge-sized suites with a dozen tools from which you'll probably end up using only two.

CyberLink DVD Suite Centra is a fully featured multimedia suite with a very varied set of tools to burn discs, create backup copies, design slideshows and more.

CyberLink DVD Suite


CyberLink DVD Suite Centra 7.00.1028

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